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Malawi - The Warm Heart of Africa

Malawi is an ex-British colony.
It used to be called Nyasaland and gained its independence in 1964.
At this time, Dr. Kamuzu Banda took over as life-long president.
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Malawi is a small country of about 10 million in southern Africa.
It is ruled by a recently democratised multi-party government.
The main official languages are English and Chichewa, although there are many more spoken there.
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About one quarter of the area of Malawi is covered by Lakes, the biggest being Lake Malawi.
The varied geography also includes many peaks and plateaus.
There is some outstanding scenery in Malawi, and a lot of it is largely untouched.
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Unfortunately, like all third world countries, Malawi has its fair share of problems.
Poverty and AIDS are strife, and the means to combat them sadly lacking.
Malawians are at risk from many deadly diseases, and the health care system is far from adequate.
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The political situation in Malawi is always tense, health and poverty problems are ever-pressing.
The world is finally beginning to take notice in this age of 24hour news coverage
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